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What are some good message boards or online communities for home repair advice?

New homeowner in an old house. I'm fairly game in terms of trying to take on home repair projects and learn on the fly, but I often run into problems where I don't quite know where to start. I'm looking to locate online communities or resources where I could post a picture of a messed up thing and I could get advice on how to conceptualize and approach the project (e.g., I had to tear out a huge section of drywall for a pipe repair, would like to get informed options about whether I'm better off doing a huge 'patch' or replacing a whole section).

Any leads are appreciated.
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I have gotten some really good advice on troubleshooting appliances from the Appliance 411 forums. Not quite Old House stuff but very useful for some house systems.
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GardenWeb, despite the name, seems to have a lot of knowledgeable people discussing general renovation and repair topics in addition to garden stuff.
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/r/HomeImprovement is great. I've received a ton of great advice and assistance there, and reading it gives me ideas for future improvements and repairs.
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We haven't used it a ton, but a very earnest/ambitious DIYer recommended Home Improvement Stack Exchange to us when we bought our fixer-upper:
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I like the John Bridge forums for tiling. Also (not a forum exactly), but the Tile Elf is great, and the comment section on some of the posts there are very useful.
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