where should I stay for five nights in kansai?
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I'd like to stay somewhere rural and beautiful with an hour or two of travel from Kyoto (but not in Nara) for five nights at the end of September. Requirements: reliable Internet access, price <= $125USD/night. Strong desires: onsen, somen. Further details inside.

I'm a single American woman (31) who may be traveling with a male friend, but possibly alone. I have a bit of time after a conference in Nara to spend anywhere in Japan, but I need reliable Internet access for at least part of the day. I'm looking for somewhere quiet and beautiful to stay. I'm not into luxury travel -- aiming for "private room in a youth hostel" level of accommodation -- but I'm willing to pay for access to pretty nature. I won't want to drive but I'm willing to spend time/money on train or bus tickets.

My friend speaks German and English. My Japanese is OK but rusty; I can converse okay but my reading is extremely slow. (Eponysterical.)
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Two hours on the limited express from Kyoto station will get you to Amanohashidate.

This onsen is next to the station, and the youth hostel association hostel has the wifi and ticks your price requirement box.

I would get yourself a couple of boxes for the pretty nature requirement, because you're going to need to tick them too.
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Naoshima is an amazing place.
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The old postal road (Nakasendo Way) has some *amazing* places along the way. With the yen so strong, your price range will be difficult. But try the Sinchaya Inn in Nakatsugawa. It's pretty spartan, very rural, and has lovely food and hiking in the area.
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