Windows Phone: Transfer audiobook from phone drive to Audiobooked app?
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I have an audiobook file I saved to the drive of my Nokia Lumia 521 Windows 8.1 phone. I have the app Audiobooked. It will only find audiobook files from an SD card (which I don't have and don't want), or OneDrive, or Dropbox.

How can I get my file from the phone's memory to the Audiobooked app? I have connected the phone to my PC via USB and I find the audiobook file fine but I cannot see my apps this way.

If there's another (free) audiobook app I should be using instead to access my existing audiobooks, please feel free to suggest. Thanks.
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Can you upload the audiobook from your phone into OneDrive, where the app might find it?
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Response by poster: Yes.
More info: It stores the audiobooks in a subdirectory of Music along with 2 opaque .bab metadata files which prevent me from copying a book in directly (since its metadata would not be included).
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