How to securely affix googly eyes to face/hands? (Halloween)
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For halloween this year I want to do something like this. as a costume. But if I just use the standard sticky backs that come on googly eyes I assume the eyes will constantly come unstuck and I am going to be leave a trail all around public transport and any party I go too. Is there an adhesive / substance that I can buy that I can use to securely yet removably affix googly eyes to my face and hands?
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This tutorial suggests liquid latex or eyelash glue, which was my guess. The relevant part starts at 3:18.
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Maybe eyelash glue-- like for fake eyelashes? On preview-- yep.
Pretty cheap and available at any drugstore near the eyelashes / nail polish
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Here is a page discussing all the options.

It's for gluing gems and "bling" to models but I think that would work the same with googly eyes.
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There's always spirit gum, which I believe is the traditional adhesive in these situations. I've also had good luck with It Stays! Body Adhesive, which is used for affixing theatrical prosthetics like false breasts and such.
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Spirit gum is going to work a lot better than eyelash glue (aka liquid latex) but you still want some eyelash glue for around your eyes...because fumes (spirit gum and spirit gum remover)
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Good old spirit gum.
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If you get spirit gum definitely get a small bottle of remover, works so much better than alternatives. It's probably mostly alcohol but, really worth it!
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sprit gum seems like the way to go - does anyone have advice about the best way to remove the original backing from the googly eyes? atm i sm just going to try and scrub it off in acohol/solvent
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You can buy them without backing.
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Why would you need to remove the backing? it would still be spirit gum on your skin and not the googly adhesive- right?
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Yes, get ones that don't have a backing, definitely.

And I would give It Stays! another look. It comes in a roll-on, which is going to be much more convenient than the somewhat-fiddly application process associated with spirit gum. I've used it to stick all kinds of stuff to myself, it's tenacious.
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Spirit gum is kind of noxious- it's made of pine tar or something and has a strong, burning chemical smell like turpentine. I wouldn't put it around my eyes at all although it would be good to use around your mouth as it's strong enough to hold despite movement and waterproof.
For the googs around your eyes I'd definitely suggest eyelash glue, which is basically liquid latex. It is a bit more gentle and doesn't stink or offgas fumes.It comes in clear or black, clear might be better for this application.
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(Man, I wish MeFi had Reddit's "Remind me!" function, so I could come back here in like six weeks to get my costume done.)
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Yeah if you already have the kind with sticky backing (which is great for sticking to paper or plastic or the back of googly eyes, just not skin) then I would just spirit gum right over it...otherwise get the plain kind.
Spirit gum tip: apply to back of googly eyes, let it dry for half a minute (do them in batches) then tap the gum a few times with your finger...if you look really close you will see it getting all pulling taffy. This makes it Super Sticky.
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Please post a picture of your costume after the holiday! And tell us how it all worked, including the removal. Have fun--hope you get lots of compliments.
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