Help identify a movie seen on a Turkish bus, August 2011?
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I saw bits and pieces of this movie on a bus on a route through Denizli, Turkey, in August 2011. I don’t speak Turkish. I only have a few details.

The film was recent, and starred a dark-haired couple. Felt like a drama, not overly sad nor funny. Maybe a romantic comedy? But I could sense no comedic parts.

The man had a mustache, and appeared to be in his early 30s, but I could be wrong, because the most memorable thing (to my eyes) was that the man seemed to leave his beloved to go home and sleep in what appeared to be a boy’s bedroom — twin bed, bedroom covered with blue and gold football paraphernalia with only a tiny desk light to illuminate him as he thought about the girl.

I think he might have even slept in the team jersey. I only remember a few other scenes, bright daylight and bridges, but that’s no surprise given Istanbul’s geography.

I’ve always been curious about this film, but for some reason it’s come to mind. Can anyone help identify it?
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Sounds like Aşk Tutulması, a romantic comedy about a man obsessed with the football team Fenerbahçe. The title translates roughly to "one must root for love." It's very cute. More info here.
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Thanks! I think that's it. And here I was expecting this to be a nigh-impossible question to answer!
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