Up tempo/techno/trance music suggestions for concentration
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I am looking for suggestions for techno/trance/electronic music to help me concentrate. I thought I'd just look for "focus" music on Spotify and Youtube, but I find mostly classical piano music, and that doesn't help me focus at all. I need music without any lyrics (also no yelling, spoken words, etc), and a somewhat fast beat.

I prefer playlists/songs/albums on Spotify because I already have a subscription, and I would like to try a wide variety of music. But all recommendations are welcome! I'm not looking for recommendations for specific services that offer subscriptions for this kind of music, or special devices though. Just music recommendations.
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The VVVVVV soundtrack is my secret weapon for this.
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Music for Programming ?
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Four Tet works for me. Sometimes he uses a voice sample but not lyrics.
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Facebook soundtrack, Inception soundtrack and Gone Girl soundtrack.
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Perhaps a bit of a long shot, but -- Steve Reich's Different Trains...?
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They have some vocal tracks mixed in, but I'd recommend trying Tiƫsto's In Search Of Sunrise series, both as potential mixes to work to and to identify artists whose individual recordings might work for you.
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There's an instrumental version of Italians Do It Better After Dark 2 compilation Johnny Jewel decided to give away. Features (obviously) Chromatics and Glass Candy and other bands they had on at that time. Full thing.
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Tycho is what you're looking for! Also, Moby's free album of ambient music has also been really helpful to me when I'm doing tedious work and finding it difficult to concentrate.
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Fuck Buttons helps me write. I've seeded stations with them before and been fairly happy with the results.
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Kaito- A Hundred Million Light Years (Spotify link)

Hypnotic, uptempo, ambient techno. Very good for getting into that productive work trance!
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Several artists affiliated with Naked Music would fit this need very nicely.
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On the trance side: Astrix.
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Soundtrack to The Social Network always works for me.
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Maybe you would like the Retrowave / Outrun playlist for some retro-80s techno.
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I usually listen to whatever's on various SomaFM stations, usually Space Station for mid-tempo or Deep Space One and Drone Zone for slower ambient stuff. It's not spotify, but you can either listen in your browser or download the playlist file and stream on your music player of choice (iTunes, Foobar, etc).

Rarely there will be a track that incorporates soundbites; that's usually when I just switch to a different station.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all your suggestions! I checked out the ones with links (and look forward to checking out the rest) and this is exactly the kind of music I'm looking for. I never used to listen to this kind of music, so I had no idea where to even start (or even what the right word for this kind of music is) so I'm really happy that I now have a lot of options to try.
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Medicine Trance by Dr. Trance.
Have used this frequently for data entry binges.
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Great question! I've been looking for just this myself...
I've found the uptempo and less vocal tracks from Underworld to be perfect for me (e.g. Rez). Their output is quite varied in style and amount of vocals though, so it won't all fit your criteria.
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And any of the music from the game Super Hexagon!
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The soundtrack from The Knick.
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The AV Club has a great retrowave/synthwave gateway, and Rainwave is an awesome chiptune internet radio station. Some good artists are Perturbator and Carpenter Brut, as well as the Beyond the Black Rainbow soundtrack. The games Shovel Knight and Risk of Rain have good work soundtracks too.
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Lone is my favorite for this! Com Truise is also good.
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