Filling a prescription in London
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I accidentally forgot my prescriptions. I'm now in London. How do I get my US doctors office to call this in to a local drug store? These are my anxiety meds and I need them soon.

Is this a standard process? Do they fax it into a store? I have photos of my prescriptions on my emergency thumb drive if it helps.
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I am not positive but I do not think this can be done--I believe the prescriptions must be issued by a person licensed to prescribe in the UK--You can make an appointment with a local physician for meds for the duration of your trip ( assuming you are on holiday). My wife needed to do this in Scotland--she got an "emergency" walk in appointment for a refill of an antidepressant/anxiolytic. I live in Ireland and one must get a prescription from a locally licensed physician. Having a photo of your prescription will lend credibility Best of Luck
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Would it also be possible to have someone in the US get your meds and express ship them to you? I've done that for friends/family and it ended up being easier and faster.
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Your US doctors can't prescribe in the UK (unless by some miracle they are also on the UK General Medical Register with a current licence to practice, which is pretty unlikely).

Your best bet is to go in to either a Walk-In Centre, or register with any GP as a temporary resident, and ask them to prescribe for you. Take your empty pill bottles and copies of your prescriptions. If these are drugs of abuse with a high resale value, like benzos, expect some scepticism and only a very short prescription to be issued. Don't take this personally - benzos are far more tightly controlled over here. In contrast, UK doctors prescribe opiates far more freely than American doctors. Different cultures and perceptions of risk.

SSRIs etc which are not routinely used as party drugs should be issued quite happily, bear in mind the brand names and formulations may be different over here.
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You should call your doctor's office and have them fax a copy of your prescriptions to you. Then take a print out to an urgent care / walk-in clinic, who will re-prescribe for you. The other option (as it is a Sunday, so your doctor's office is likely not open) is to go to the clinic, explain what has happened, and see if they'll prescribe for you. If they won't, you can bring back the prescription or have it faxed or emailed directly to them on Monday.
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Some credit card companies offer a benefit of helping with prescription replacement in these situations.

Reading through Amex's description it looks like they can't get you a direct replacement outside of the US but they can help with a referral for a local doctor. It may or may not be useful but it's worth a quick call to your credit card company.
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Similar to what duoshao mentioned: some employers offer emergency travel assistance as a part of their benefits package. If you can get in touch with HR they might know of a resource for you.
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