Looking over a cliff comedy scene?
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Thinking of a scene where people are looking down a cliff, looking for someone. The person they are looking for shows up behind them and looks down the cliff with them.

My girlfriend and I are watching LOTR2 and the scene when Aragorn falls off the cliff reminded of us another scene from a movie where characters are looking down a cliff that someone may have fallen down, and while they are looking down the perso they are looking for walks behind them and stands with them, looks down with them, and may ask something like "who are we looking for?"

I'm thinking a comedy, like Wayne's World or Austin Powers. Maybe it was Mike Myers which is why I'm thinking of those titles.

I apologize for the run-on sentence.
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Bugs bunny certainly did that.
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I'm pretty sure this happened on Gilligan's Island.
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Amazingly there doesn't seem to be a TV Tropes entry for this at present: Falling and Landing index, Dangerous Heights. The entry on the Last Crusade lists the scene under the very generic Oh, Crap! trope. Suicidal Gotcha seems the closest, but doesn't quite fit.

This seems like it would have been perfect for a scene in a silent film, but my cursory Google search didn't find anything.
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Indiana Jones and the last crusade
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...Bah, dang phone. I also meant to say that the Indy scene being referred to is one that I've also struggled to properly recall, in exactly the same situation as you describe, so I find jamaro awfully compelling on this.
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Hudson Hawk... Tommy goes over the cliff in the limo and through a series of coincidences is there for the Hudson Hawk's cappuccino.
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Thanks guys! It was Indiana! Now my weekend can be a good one!
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Not a cliff, but on the roof of a tall building: "Hear My Song".
And there is a beautiful cliff scene earlier in the movie.
Irish magic!
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