I'm gonna be hungry
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I am traveling to Boston/Cape Cod for about 48 hours next week.

My flight gets in at 9:30pm, then I have to pick up a car and head out to Falmouth.

I have made this trip many times and there is one thing that I have not been able to figure out.


It's all so dead heading out to the Cape that time of night, any suggestions on a place to get something decent would be greatly appreciated.

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What route do you take heading out from Logan?
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What is 'decent food' to you? If you like Latin American fare, I'd think you might strike gold several places in East Boston.
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Legal Seafoods in Terminal A, B, or C.
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If you'd prefer to stop en route, the Legal Seafoods in Braintree on 30 Forbes Rd appears to stay open until 1 am.

I'm not much on chains but I've never had a bad meal at Legal anywhere. I remember when they started and had one restaurant, and they haven't lost ground since.
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Why not Santarpio's in East Boston?
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If you wake up in Falmouth as well, the Pie in the Sky Bakery in Woods Hole has terrific breakfast sandwiches (with linguica!) and baked goods.
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Welp, if you get in at 9:30, get that rental car and hop on the highway to head down to Falmouth. On 93S, just after getting through the city, but before even hitting Quincy or Braintree, get off at the Neponset exit and go directly to Ashmont Grill. It's maybe 5 mins off the highway, they have a bitty parking lot and their food is fantastic.
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Response by poster: Love Santarpios and Legal Braintree sounds like two good options. and Ashmont is an awesome suggestion!!
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Response by poster: thanks all!!
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