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Looking for bright (brick red, bubblegum pink, swimming pool blue or grass green) chinos for someone between a 40-42 waist and a 40 length. I live in Hamilton, travel to Toronto, would prefer not ordering online.
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Kohl's will have these in that size and those colors the spring. I can't guarantee they would have them all year, though. Unfortunately there are no Kohl's in Canada that I can see, but there are 5 locations around Buffalo, NY.
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As much as The Bay annoys me (and I just posted about it today) is there anything there that fits what you need? I only did a quick sort by colour (excluding blue as that led to dull results), I didn't try by size. (We are talking men's, right?)

The one thing the Bay does well is online ordering. Well, I don't know about online--I just pick up the phone and call them, and put it on my Bay card. Returns can be taken back to the store (so easy) and the minimum shipping charge is low (I think $50).

I'm not saying order online. I've been in a few Bays lately and I've seen coloured pants, but as to whether your local Bay has the colour and size you need is a crap shoot. What they will do, however, is offer to ship the size you want to your house if you can't find it on the floor. I think that's no charge shipping.
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H & M for sure, Old Navy possibly. I have some from Club Monaco from a few years ago, so they might be worth a look too. All kinds of indie places along Queen West will have these too.
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Yep men's I didn't see the colours at the bay
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H and m quits at 38 club Monaco at 36
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ah I see, yes, the Length is going to be the issue here, not the waist, as I was assuming. I hate to say it, but either bespoke or online may be what you need to do.
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Vineyard Vines in the US has them in ice cream and jewel tones.
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The RL green chinos at the Bay seem like they're in your ballpark, even if they're bit long in the leg.
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Never mind. I got your length wrong. Sorry. It's a bad time of the year for this sort of thing because all the spring/summer stuff has been picked over.
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