Recommend sciency videos for 8 year old
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Hi all! My daughter (age 8) is a bit stuck on Cookie Swirl C, etc. While I am ok with her watching whatever to relax, I think it might be nice for her to watch something a bit more education, but still fun - covering cool stuff in biology, physics, chemistry but still in the light 'hey guys' type style. Besides HobbyKids, can anyone recommend any others? Thanks!
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Best answer: I go to The Kid Should See This and browse through their videos by tag. NATGEO is pretty good too, and most of their short clips can be found as longer rips on YouTube posted by other people if your kid decides they really want to know more about sea snakes or bridges after a five minute video.
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We had a subscription to BrainPOP that we definitely got our money's worth out of.

Is Bill Nye too obvious?
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Google had a whole series of summer.sxhool stuff last year.

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Seconding The Kid Should See This. The selection is far-ranging, which means it can be uneven. But it's a great starting point.

We're also having some good luck with the Magic School Bus books right now. The accompanying videos seem aimed a bit younger (5 or 6?) than the books.
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My kid (7) and I are really enjoying the BBC Earth series which is on Netflix now. Some of the animal footage they've managed to capture there is absolutely amazing.
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Best answer: The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey and maybe The Brain Scoop.
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I was gonna say Bill Nye, too. He's on Netflix now. My similarly aged kid thinks he's the greatest. Binge watched 'em all.
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Crazy Russian Hacker, maybe. (Watch some first.) And some of the TedEd videos are good for 8-year-olds.
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If you don't mind torrenting anime stuff, there's "Marie & Gali".

Marie is a high school girl who hates science. One day the train she's on gets redirected to a surreal island where she meets Galileo. And the bridge to leave the island won't reappear until she learns about science. She ends up living in a rooming house run by Marie Curie. Other people she meets at various times: Newton, Da Vinci, Flemming, Hertz, Archimedes, Darwin, and Edison. The characters are really silly, mostly. For instance, Darwin is a robot. Newton is a bishounen. Da Vinci is infected with squirrel-brain; he bounces from one project to another constantly. Flemming runs a ramen shop.

The episodes are short and very, very cartoony, and at the end Galileo gets arrested by the Inquisition -- and Marie has to defend him at his trial, using all the science she's learned along the way. (It's a lot less scary than it sounds.)

Episodes are 5 minutes. It was created as an insert-feature for a Japanese kids' show.

This torrent appears to be live.
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Best answer: SciShow Kids I haven't watch the kids version but regularly watch and enjoy SciShow.
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Best answer: My kids love Brain Scoop, the grosser the better.

Also, SloMoGuys is great. Not aimed at kids, particularly, but great.
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We love the Tumble and Brains On podcasts.

The Monterrey Bay Aquarium is on Periscope very regularly as is the American Museum of Natural History.
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The Mythbusters Are Elephants Afraid of Mice segment is really awesome. My 4 and 7 year old loved it. And then from there they asked to watch more Mythbusters clips.
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Mythbusters was super popular with my kids (at pretty much all ages). How It's Made videos are also fun to watch and (in some cases) really eye-opening - a great way to think about common things in a different way.
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Vi Hart

Not sciency always, eclectic, but always family friendly:
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Aha! A lot of Marie & Gali are up on Youtube. This search seems to be turning up a lot of episodes from the second season, in which Marika returns to the town with another little girl who needs to learn science.
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I was going to recommend SciShow Kids, but also Crash Course Kids.
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Adafruit - electronic hobby-related stuff
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much! Good suggestions here.
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