Old french textbook
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Help me find this old book please

So in 1983 I had a French textbook and it was as follows-

It was blue in color and was about a young couple and their two kids moving to France. Each chapter was about them encountering life in France (visiting the Patisserie, the Boulangier etc and it had a section of questions and grammar at the end) It also had illustrations and I LOVED this book. I wish I had kept my copy but didn't so now I am looking to find it again. ( I am not 100% sure but it might have been published by Alliance de France). I want it back for pure nostalgic reasons but also because it was the best textbook on French that I can remember 😊
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Was it Le Mauger bleu, by any chance? It's not an Alliance publication, at least to my memory, but as French textbooks go it doesn't get any more iconic.
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Might have been Tricolore (link to google image search in case any of the covers jogs a memory)? My school was still using them in the late 90s/early 00s but mostly I remember a lot of Orangina, not any particular story about a family.
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Possibly La famille Marsaud? I started studying French at school at around the same time and they were quite popular (at least in the UK).

La famille.

Mumsnet thread about them.
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Wow you guys are grt!!!

Thank you Tamana you got it! This was a book we used in our class in India at Lady Vissanji in 1983 and I wish I had paid more attention then to the French lessons 😊not sure if it is volume 1 or others that I want but first few pages are about Le Garcon, le Muir etc. Lovely.
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