Forums discussing organic food, local/sustainable farming, humane meat sources, etc?
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OrganicFoodFilter: I'm looking for some information sources and populated forums discussing local farming options, organic food, pasture-raised meats, humane meat animal treatment, etc. Do such forums exist? Do such forums with a decent sized Los Angeles community exist?

This is mostly to find a more appropriate community than MetaFilter to ask questions such as:
-What restaurants in LA use locally farmed meats?
-How's Trader Joe's buffalo meat treated?
-If I find out, for example, that a restaurant gets its meat locally, what does that tell me about that farm's treatment of their animals? How do I get informed about the farms shipping into LA?
-Good questions to ask my butcher

etc, etc.
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Not a populated forum, but here's one good place to start looking for information: Local Harvest. Also, take a look at this list of links at Edible Communities.
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