What iPhone USB Lighting cables do you recommend?
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It's time for us to replace a lot of iPhone cables in the house and car that are of various lengths. The current ones became twisty and tears are starting appear in them. I'm hoping to find some cables in 3, 6 and 10 feet lengths that I don't have to replace every year. Or is that an impossible dream?
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See this thread. Favorites seem to be ANKER and Amazon Basics cables.
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According to my order history, the 3 6' Amazon Basics cables we have (one lost, two still in use) were purchased in December 2013. One of them has been used every night, on my bedside table, since then.

I see that Anker is selling 10' cables (durable and regular) and while I have not bought their cables, I own all manner of their external batteries and bluetooth keyboards and doodads and accessories that have all turned out to be tough as hell. I would be very willing to pay the $18 for that kevlar one.
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The "durable" Anker cables linked above also come in 6' and 3' lengths. I have one and it's very durable and well-built, and might be the only cable I have so far that has withstood random cat chewing.
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Amazon basics for me.
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my anker ones are holding up great, and three of them get used every night/day. one gets consistently rolled over by my desk chair.
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Aduro's woven cables are awesome and very affordable on Groupon. They are attractive, durable, and work with every lightning jack that isn't deep within an enormous case.
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I've been quite satisfied so far with my Anker cables (and Bluetooth speaker, and… we're becoming a household of Anker due to good experiences). Having a nice, long 10-foot cable is surprisingly freeing, I find.
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Lots of good suggestions, but wanted to add that if you're buying cables from Amazon these days you really need to make sure you're buying from a trusted source. There are a LOT of counterfeit cables out there that claim to be MFI certified but are not. Make sure you're purchasing from the actual brand's Amazon store rather than any reseller. Fake cables can do nasty things like short circuit, melt, etc.
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+1 for Anker products. I've used the 3' braided cable daily for ~1.5 years now and it's still going strong. I also treasure my two Anker external batteries.
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About Amazon Basics cables: I bought several, and at first I loved them. The lighting grip area is much more substantial and the cable material is thicker than the original Apple cable.

But... within a year the cable pulled out of the lightning grip end. This happened to all three that I bought. They now all sport gaffer's tape to keep them together.

It appears the thickness of the cable also makes it stiffer, so instead of bending, the leverage pulls it apart.

I don't think I'm particularly rough on my cables. Maybe I just got a bad batch. But just FYI.
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The thicker belkin ones have outlasted all other cables i've used. One of them was passed around between 3 friends and is STILL working. I've never seen one pull apart or fail, even if it was slammed in a car door.

They're bulky-ish and don't coil up very easily to shove in a pocket, but i'd buy more if they weren't like $20-25 and i wasn't a cheapass.
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It might be worth scrolling through this tag list of iphone (and lightning cable posts) on Boingboing.net. They seem obsessed with all the different lightning cable variations (and deals) available on the net.

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I bought three of these Monoprice cables (for desk, car and nightstand) almost exactly a year ago and they're holding up beautifully. No sign of wear or tear.
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