Multi-day hikes in Utah and Colorado
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I'm probably going to be in Denver in September next year. I'd like to do a multi-day hiking trip in Colorado or Utah (or Wyoming? Arizona? New Mexico?) while I'm in the neighbourhood. Any advice?

I've found a few trails that look promising (trans-zion trek? Uinta Mountains highline?) but I'm trying to search pretty broadly so it's tough to google, and I'm not from the area so I can't ask around.

I'm specifically looking for trails accessible by rental car, 2-7 nights (give or take), suitable for two somewhat fit people with lots of outdoor/backcountry experience. Peak bagging is fun but not required. Mostly looking for challenging hikes, great views and a reasonable degree of isolation.

Any and all suggestions welcome! I'd also love to find some websites listing these types of hikes if you have any recommendations. Thanks!
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Pack Creek Ranch is a very pleasant place to stay in the La Salle Mountains south of Moab, Utah. From there you can find lots of hikes, in every direction. There are some long hikes in Arches, it can be empty depending on the day of the week. There are hikes on the Island in the Sky, Moab has a lot of stuff to look at. There is Grand Gulch south of there, and many canyons that drain into the Colorado. South of there is Canyonlands and some of the hikes there are as long as you care to make them.
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If you're going to be in Denver, there's no reason to go to far: Rocky Mountain National Park is amazing, and chock full of great hikes. No specific recommendations, but I've had good luck looking up day hikes here.
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You have a pretty significant choice to make about the kind of terrain you want to check out, e.g., mountains vs. slickrock.

Personally, I'd look into the Escalante area.
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Off the top of my head, I'd recommend the Zion narrows full hike, with a trip to the subway, and a hike into Chesler Park in the Canyonlands Needles district. They're both overnights. You could also consider rim to rim in Grand Canyon, though reservations there are tough. Capital Reef's Cathedral District looks amazing, but I haven't been. You should have a 4WD vehicle if you go.
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Devil's Causeway in the Flat Tops Wilderness 2 or more days.
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Collegiate Peaks wilderness
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