Is hooking up a multi region player as easy as i think?
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I'm wanting to get a multi-region player and the one i found is in the UK while i'm in the US. I know i'll at least need an adapter for the voltage but is it as easy as just plugging it up? Do i need to mess with setting on my tv too, or does NTSC/PAL not matter with lcd hdtvs anymore?
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DVD player? You don't need to buy one in the UK. You can get them off Amazon. (I think this is the one I have. I've had for ages now.) It should just be plug-and-play with respect to power, but you will probably have to go through a brief setup process to set the Region to multiregion before you can play discs outside the assigned region.
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Well it's dvd and blu ray. Someone was selling some Panasonic players on ebay amongst other electronics that have already been set up for multi region. Perfect feedback too.
posted by earthquakeglue at 12:29 PM on September 7, 2016 has region free blu ray players as well. No need to pay shipping from UK or worry about voltage.
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Another vote for buying one from Amazon and/or a U.S. company. Unsurprisingly, Amazon is no longer selling the JVC region free Blu Ray DVD player I bought in 2010, but they have others. Mine was plug and play and still works just fine. I would expect these to be the same. If you don't like Amazon for some reason, check out the usual suspects like Best Buy and Target.
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