Can I use PC ram for my Mac G4?
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Can I use PC ram for my Mac G4?

Here're the specs:
Macintosh G4 450mhz AGP
128 megs of SDRAM.

I'm not sure how much ram OS 9.2 (we can't upgrade the OS - our bookkeeping program can't run in OSX) can take, and I'm not sure if I can just throw in any SD ram either. Do I have to do pairs? as in, 256 and 256 for 512?
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You don't need to put memory in pairs in that model, and there's nothing special about "PC" RAM in particular. So long as you have 3.3V, 168pin, PC-100 SDRAM you'll be fine. You can put in faster RAM but it will be slowed down to PC-100 speeds.
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450MHz Power Mac G4s use completely standard PC100 or PC133 SDRAM DIMMs. As long as they aren't SO-DIMMs (laptop memory) or DDR, you'll be fine.
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I'm running 512mb of 133mhz SDRAM in a G4 Power Mac (AGP). The sticks came directly from another machine running Linux on a Socket-7 motherboard and an AMD 333mhz processor. No problems.
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Indeed, you'll be fine. All of my macs use normal RAM purchased from,, or I can vouch for the service and quality of them all. If you go to newegg, I would recommend Rosewill ram. It's cheap, and it works just as well as the more expensive stuff.
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Thank you all so much!
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we can't upgrade the OS - our bookkeeping program can't run in OSX

I haven't touched OS X since the very first version, but isn't this what the Classic environment is for? I remember running a remote-access application in Classic that wouldn't run in OS X.
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In case someone finds this thread in the future and is wondering what the answer is for a slightly different computer: Both Ramjet and Crucial have little apps that will tell you exactly what kind of memory you need for your particular model.
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You should be ok, but there have been issues with very specific Ram. You might want to read this and the accompanying comments.
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