How to send two e-invitations to the same event?
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I'd like to invite a large group to an event using an e-invitation (e.g. Paperless Post, Evite, Pingg), but I'd like to have a "fun" invitation for the young folks and a more "appropriate" invitation for the older folks. Is there a service that allows you to create two invitations for a single event? I'd like all the invitees to be able to view the guest list and RSVPs so they can plan accordingly.
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The only way I can figure that this could work is if you design your own invites, email them yourself, and direct everyone to the same page for tracking responses. You'd have to make that page yourself too.

I don't see how in Evite, for example, you would be able to combine events, and show both sets of attendees. The page where people reply for the party is a copy of the invite, even.

Is there a comprise of a design so you can send everyone the same invite? They'll all be at the same party, so the invite should suit the tone of the party, not the invitees.
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