Help! Wasps!
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My room has just been invaded by about a dozen wasps. I had to close the window to stop more coming in, so now they're all trapped in here. What should I do?!

They seem to be attracted to my fluorescent light, and at the moment most of them are buzzing around in there. I'm worried that when I turn the light off they'll all fly out and I won't know where they are. It's 2:30 am and I want to go to bed, but I really don't want to sleep in a room full of wasps. I tried making a wasp trap but they're not interested. If I turn the light off and open the window will they leave, or will I just let more in?
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Do you have a vacuum cleaner? I know it's 2:30 in the morning but it won't take long, though you'll probably need to then go empty the canister or bag somewhere outside if at all possible.
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Oh god this sounds horrible. Yes, a vacuum cleaner with a long hose is what I'd probably use. Either that or I'd leave the room, close the door, stuff a towel under the door, and try to sleep in a different room if possible. That will at least give you time to sleep until you can deal with the issue.
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Make it as dark as possible inside, then open the window just a bit and go to bed while ignoring them.

They will most likely head out, attracted by the outdoor light, but if they don't they will sleep too. You don't say what kind of wasp but no wasp wants to bug while you sleep in the middle of the night, I promise.

Most wasps are not that aggressive unless defending their nest, and you don't have a wasp nest in your room.

Killing them has a risk of attracting many more angry sisters via alarm pheromones, especially if they are yellow jackets, so I'd recommend against squishing them, but YMMV.
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Thanks guys! I vacuumed some of them but I can't get the rest because they're inside the light. I'll do my best to ignore them.
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You'll probably be fine- but maybe consider sleeping in sleeves, hoodie and socks, just to minimize the amount of exposed skin you have. And have some Benadryl handy and your phone, in case you do get stung and have a reaction to it (ie if your mouth swells or you feel short of breath, call 911). Good luck!

Also - maybe take the light outside?! Bag it with a trash bag first if you're scared of the wasps inside of it.
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Sleeping in socks would've been a good idea -- I got stung on the foot in the middle of the night.
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I had the same issue once, and I think what you need to do is find out where the nest is. I'm betting it's very close to your window, outside. It's safest to go in the morning, when it's coolest, because (like bees) wasps are less active when it's cooler.

Then, you have to bring the death star down on that nest without getting stung.
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If you're lucky, there's not a nest inside your walls. I have a 1920's shingled house, and twice in the last decade I've had yellow-jackets build nests inside the walls. They get in under looser shingles on the exterior. The most recent time, they also found a way into the bedroom through the window frame. I broke down and called a bee guy, who sprayed the nest.
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I've gotten erroneous wasps back outside by using a water glass and a stiff piece of paper (like a glossy coupon flier or whathaveyou). Wasp confusedly buzzes along window, wondering why the air won't move, you gradually move the glass over it and then cover the bottom with the paper. Walk to nearest exit and release. Repeat for remaining wasps.
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