Family holiday movies
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I know it's only September, but I'd love your suggestions for movies about families getting together for the holidays. See inside.

I get a cozy feeling watching comedies/dramedies about big families gathering for holidays. Examples:

The Family Stone
Home for the Holidays
Four Christmases
Pieces of April

Movies like The Holiday and Love, Actually don't quite fit the family genre, but give the same warm fuzzies. Do you have additional suggestions for me?

I'm not really looking for quirkier comedies like Home Alone or National Lampoon. The Family Stone and Home for the Holidays probably fit best. Thanks!
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The Ref and Home for the Holidays are my two favorites, though both feel quirky to me. Funny at the very least!
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Although not holiday-centric, the writer/director of The Family Stone, Tom Bezucha, also wrote and directed a really lovely family-oriented "coming home" kind of film called Big Eden. Very warm & fuzzy. I love it.
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While You Were Sleeping is my family holiday movie. It's not about a family coming together at Christmas exactly, more about someone joining a family over the holidays, but I love it so much.
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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!
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Happy Christmas isn't about a BIG family, but it is about family and I just love it.
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Love at the Christmas Table could possibly work. The story plays out over many successive large Christmas gatherings, following the 2 main characters from childhood to well into adulthood. (One sub theme of the story is that you also create your family.)
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The Man Who Came to Dinner is a good classic, and very funny.
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If you don't mind dark and arty, A Christmas Tale is my absolute favorite of this genre.
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