CEO was 30 minutes late for interview, then refused to interview me??
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Just drove back from an interview. Apparently, I had not completed a required personality test beforehand. (Though in my hour-long interview with the HR director on Friday, it never came up at all.) We rescheduled but I'm not interested any more. How do I handle this?

I was already a little leery about meeting the CEO but this is based on my own bias and the fact that the HR director (in the proper context) mentioned that the CEO is a deeply religious man. (I know many wouldn't find that an issue; I do.)

Apparently, though deeply religious, he's not very courteous because he never apologized for the delay and barely wanted to shake my hand. He said he bases much of his interview on the personality test. We've rescheduled but I really don't want to move forward with this.

How do I craft the email saying "Thanks but no thanks?".
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Just courteously say in you've decided not to pursue this opportunity. I'd send the HR director a polite thank you note too.

I also think your instinct is good here, for what that is worth, as the CEO sounds rude AND loony.
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"Hi [recruiter/ whoever you've been dealing with so far]: I've decided to withdraw from consideration for the X role. Best of luck in your search.

[optional: Thanks so much for your time and the work you've done so far, I do appreciate it.]


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yea. this is a no go. they have already shown you what they are all about.
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You could ask: after two interviews do you intend to make me an offer? That will close it at the very least.

Remember that many people who own businesses are religious. You can't really escape it unless you use some kind of similar test to discriminate your hiring. The CEO may not have cared you were not religious, and is the last word on hiring decisions for the moment.
Considering your relationship is with the HR director, you need to address this question to her. It would be good not to burn the bridge if the management changes later and you learn it has a less religious or even anti-religion CEO. YMMV but direct questions to HR work best.
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I went with fingersandtoes' answer. Thanks, folks.
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