I miss 43Things. What other ways can I keep track of my goals?
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I kind of miss 43Things. What site/app/community etc. can I use to keep track of my goals? Wrinkles: I don't care about gamification, a lot of my goals are not health-related, the social/community aspect is what I miss most.

So, that pretty much covers it. I basically want 43Things back {sob}. Failing that, I'd love someplace/thing with a supportive community and the ability to track a unique list of goals. I like being able to write a little diary entry whenever I want. I don't like having to check in on goals on a set schedule (even though I realize that's an effective way to make progress).

Things I've tried that I don't like:
- HabitRPG (I know lots of people love it, but it turns out I don't care about getting points or keeping a character alive)
- Health Month (same - the only part that appeals is the review of my day)
-Beeminder (this is pretty much the opposite of what I want)

Any other suggestions?
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A lot of former 43things folks have ended up on popclogs.com -- see this goal for a partial list. I was never super active on 43 and never even bothered making the switch to Popclogs, but my wife did make the switch and seems to think it's a decent substitute.
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Bullet Journaling. Link is to main hub, but there is no end of blogs, videos, Pinterest pages and Facebook groups for various subsets of the bullet journal community.
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(I miss it so much too!)
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Also, maybe Day Zero Project ?
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I've asked this question before and I now use Day Zero Project, as recommended above, which is as 'simple' looking as 43things. I've now started on Level Up Life but it might be a bit gamey/kitchy for you? I pretty much ignore the 'game' aspect and just add goals.

I seriously still miss 43 things. Please someone bring it back.
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