Work- and Dog-friendly coffee shop in NoVa
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NoVaFilter: Can anyone recommend a coffee shop (or other venue) near the Manassas area where I can comfortably sit with my dog and work on my computer for several hours tomorrow morning?

I'll be in Manassas, VA for an appointment tomorrow and I need to work remotely from somewhere nearby as soon as possible afterwards - dog in tow. Can anyone recommend somewhere? I assume a coffee shop is my best bet, but any creative suggestions (library patio? public park? college campus? dog-friendly coworking?) would be great too.

-dog-friendly. I expect that'll be on a patio, which is fine. If I need to go inside to order, that's fine too.
-shady enough to be safe for the dog to hang out for a while
-convenient parking (paid is ok, if need be)
-decent table availability midday on a Wednesday
-must be ok if I sit there for a decently long while (5ish hours?). I'll definitely buy plenty of food/drink to make up for that.
-Manassas-area - ideally within the 15-20 minute radius, but I'll make do with whatever I can get.

Nice to have:
-wifi, esp. fast wifi. If not available, then I'll be tethering my phone (so a basement or something isn't ideal)
-particularly good food/good coffee
-there's a chance of rain, so a patio shaded against that would be great
-power outlets would be AMAZING but I've never seen a patio with outlets so I assume that's not realistic
-somewhere on the route between Manassas and downtown DC
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I've not been here, but found them by googling "dog friendly café manassas va": Grounds Central Station. There's a picture of the exterior on their web page. Free wifi. Might call them and explain your situation, and see if you can bring your dog inside?
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I'm not familiar with that coffee shop, but I'm pretty sure the "dogs on patios, not inside" is a VA-wide (or at least NoVA-wide) health regulation. I mean, you can ask, but I'd be surprised.
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