Where to spend new years eve 2016 in South East Asia?
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I will be in South East Asia from the 19th December until the 10th of January this year and have yet to decide where I am going to spend new years eve. Where should I go for a great celebration?

I will be in Kuala Lumpur visiting friends for a few days, then am spending Christmas week on Boracay in the Philippines. I'm due in Bangkok for a wedding from the 3rd of January until the 9th, when I return to KL for my flight back to the UK. Essentially, I have an unplanned gap of the 29th, when I leave Boracay, to the 3rd, when I arrive in Bangkok, free. I'll be probably flying out of Kalibo (Boracay's airport) back to KL, but from there I can go anywhere.

I'm usually not a big NYE person, but I quite fancy the idea of doing something special this year.
Main issue is that there is a big risk I will be pretty sunburned after my week in Boracay - I do all the right things but I am pale and European, the sun always seems to find a way to turn me into a lobster. Therefore, somewhere that isn't just a beautiful beach would be best.

I know Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore well, but this will be the first time I'm going to Thailand. I'm a big fan of Hong Kong, so if there's a great celebration there I would be happy to go, but I want to spread my wings a bit away from the places I know well.

I'm not interested in a backpackers style beach party, but I also can't afford to go to a £500 per night resort. Looking at around £30-50 per night max. I like music, cool food, something that's a bit different. I'd prefer somewhere where I won't need to bring cold weather clothes, so no Korea, Northern China or Japan please.
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Haven't been there NYE, and pretty sure it is shut after dark, but Angkor Wat? Watch the sunset on the 31st and then go back for sunrise on the 1st? I'm sure there must be stuff going on in Siem Reap at midnight. But, likely to be very crowded. But, Cambodia is worth a visit anyway and 4 days is enough for Angkor and Phnom Penh and puts you close to Bangkok.
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What about Macau? You could stay in Cotai off the strip and combine it with a Hong Kong trip.
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Cambodia is a good suggestion, also consider Laos. If I were in your shoes, I would go to Burma.

Hong Kong and Macau may be colder than OP would like. I spent xmas there one year and brought a light jacket and was always cold.
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Thanks, I've decided to go to Hong Kong and Macau.
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