Concert date changed without notice, entitled to refund?
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I purchased tickets well in advance of the gig date. The gig was re-scheduled to a date I was unavailable. I did not receive any email of notification about the rescheduled date. After speaking to customer services, the ticketing company claims to the contrary to have notified me. The email stated that I had 10 prior to the show to claim a refund. It is now well past that date (mid Aug), and the gig has passed (1st Sept) without my collecting the ticket which was held by the venue. They sent me proof that an email has been sent in the form of a `Track Message' screenshot from a `Secure Email Gateway'. But on my end, I've not been able to find any such email. MeFi, do I have any possibility of disputing this for a refund?
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Did you pay for the ticket with a credit card? You might be able to dispute the charge through your bank/credit card company.
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kinddieserzeit: no via Paypal. Is this a promising way to dispute this?
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Just to be sure, did you check your Spam folder in your email?
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Yeah, you can dispute via PayPal. Worst case scenario, they side with the seller and you're exactly where you are now anyway.
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If you paid via Paypal and used a credit card, you should do a regular Paypal dispute first, and if that does not work, THEN you can file a chargeback. If you paid through Paypal and did not use a credit card, then just do a Paypal dispute. I think there's a decent chance that this will go in your favor.
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I've also successfully disputed payments made using a debit card, though as far as I understand it's just my bank crediting me the money (i.e. they're not going after the payee), so that's an option if the PayPal dispute doesn't pan out.
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Sometimes stuff like this is about getting the right person on the phone. I'd call back and if you speak to someone who won't issue the refund, try to elevate it to a supervisor who will maybe have more authority. Personally, I'd tell them you never got the email and they should've called you, and you will be going through your credit card company if you don't get the refund. Maybe that will convince them.
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