Panelist questions re Gun violence
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What questions would you like to ask a researcher specializing in the area of mothers who have lost children (usually boys) to gun violence?

I'm hosting a panel next month with experts on domestic violence (see previous question), but one of the panelists focuses on mothers whose children have died from gun violence. The audience will be primarily students in health care programs, and the overall focus of the session is on providing services to these populations. If you could be there for the open question period, what would you like to ask?
Incidentally, thanks for the suggestions on that previous question!
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Since the audience is healthcare students, perhaps asking if the mothers to give their thoughts on the role of physicians in helping to prevent gun violence in the homes of their patients? And recent legislative attempts to interfere in physician efforts to curb gun violence?
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Can you clarify, what kinds of health care programs, and what kinds of services? I think the answers are very different if these are medical students who are going to become trauma surgeons vs. psychology students who are going to become therapists.
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Absolutely. It will be nursing students, and the panelists tend to emphasize community/public health nursing perspectives, so basically both front-line and policy action work. The students themselves may diversify into any field of nursing.
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