Shoes with ankle support
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I'm looking for women's shoes with great ankle support, something like a very lightweight hiking boot (that won't really be used for hiking) or a lightweight high-top athletic shoe. Hope me!

I keep twisting my ankles and want to wear shoes that feel like they have ankle support braces built in. (Yes, I have ankle support braces, but I'd like not to have to wear them every day!)

I'd prefer to buy online (in the US) if possible.

I'm looking for:
- VERY lightweight high top athletic shoes (under a pound)
- VERY lightweight hiking boots that don't really need to have any other hiking features except an ankle top (also under a pound)
- No heel, no super thick soles (i.e., no running shoes with a wedge or anything like that)
- Should be able to use at the gym as well as walking around town. No need for special running or hiking features, although ok if they have them.
- Price not an issue for the right shoe

I went to a fancy running shoe store and they didn't have a single high-top shoe.

Also, other people with ankle issues, what kinds of shoes do you wear? What other kinds of casual shoes give you enough support?
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what kinds of shoes do you wear? What other kinds of casual shoes give you enough support?

Combat boots or granny boots. (Can't give a great rec for particular styles, but if you see ones you like online, also check them out on Amazon - they usually provide the shipping weight.)
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I almost bought these ECCO boots, they are super lightweight and comfortable.

In the end I decided on a more sturdy pair, but these certainly were like walking on clouds.
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My wife recommends KEEN Footwear.
Good luck!
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I just spent 4 days on my feet, and I wore these compression thingys almost the whole time under my boots and converse high tops. They were pretty perfect in terms of supporting my ankles and arches and also my feet didn't swell. You can wear these with anything that you want - that covers or doesn't cover your ankles, whatever. I loved them. I hope this helps.
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Try going to an camping store, like REI. They will have a large selection of high-top lightweight shoes with ankle support.
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I have the worst ankles of anyone I've ever met, and I swear by Merrell shoes. They're lightweight, have a bunch of styles from boots to sandals, and really good customer service. YMMV, but I know several women who love them.
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Keen Voyageur Mid or Keen Targhee Mid. I've worn both while healing from ankle issues walking up to 8 miles a day on concrete my feet and ankles had never been so happy.
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Trail runners will be much lighter than than hiking boots. A few examples with ankle support:
Adidas (super cute!)
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Have you tried doing strengthening/proprioception exercises? I used to roll my ankle allll the time, and then when I actually sprained it the doctor I saw gave me exercises to do. That eventually got rid of the problem for me.

The doctor gave me some specific exercises but I supplemented with some I found just by googling "ankle proprioception exercises."
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Ditto needs more cowbell - I used to have prescription orthodics as a kid and my podiatrist gave me a bunch of ankle strengthening exercises to do to help my rolling ankle problems. They really did help but of course I am very lazy about doing them these days. On the other hand I grew out of needing orthodics! So if you've been hesitant about it please don't be and get yourself in to see a podiatrist. They can really help.

I'm a pretty big fan of Skechers' sneakers; they seem to have a good balance of style, slightly better construction, and support. I recently tried on this high top (but ended up with a regular sneaker for silly style reasons) and felt like they were pretty good light support for my ankles and they'd fit a thin brace underneath.

Keens have also been very good to me, and my mom with much worse foot issues than me has really been enjoying her new pair that I convinced her to get early this summer.
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I think you might like Converse Outsider Hitops. They are slightly more rugged, stiff, hi top converses made for hiking. It looks like they've been discontinued but you might be able to find some online still.
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This Skechers high-top is what you need. It encircles your ankle and is very light-weight. You still might want a brace/wrap under it but I think it's what you're looking for. (Source: Recovering from an ankle injury as well.)
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