DVD player on plane
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Want to find out if anyone knows if there are plug in spots on an airline seat for a portable DVD player.

I will be taking an overseas flight (15+ hours) with a toddler and would like to be able to bring some entertainment along. The plane will likely be a larger type plane e.g. Boeing 747
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highly dependent on the airline, route, and class. your best bet is to call the airline. Another possibility is to ask the people at flyertalk, which probably has a sticky thread all about outlets on different airlines. Given the airline and type of plane (should be on your reservations), it should be answerable.

(for example, i understand that Singapore and Thai Air have them in all economy seats, I've never seen them when flying American, Air France, United, or Lufthansa in economy; I'd bet many of those have them in first class though).
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It is also getting much more common to have individual TV screens, especially in planes that are used for long flights like the one you'll be on. These can have lots of movies and TV shows and games, sometimes on a set schedule, sometimes so you can choose what shows when, and there should be plenty of appropriate options.
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SeatGuru has this information for many of the bigger airlines. A very useful site.
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Also, be aware that even if the airline does have power ports in the seats, you will probably need a special airplane power adapter to use them.
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Lufthansa only has power outlets in business class.
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I was about to say the same thing blue mustard!
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Unless you're flying club or first, it's unlikely. As has been said, there are individual screens, but you may find your best bet is to get either a second battery pack for your player, or one of those recharge packs (plug it in the player, it recharges the battery).
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American Airlines has plugs scattered throughout coach, some planes more than others. As mentioned, Seatguru is the best way to find out where they are (and a great site to check before you fly anyway).

My caveat and reason for posting is that on American, the sockets don't take an airplane-style plug; they need a car/cigarette-lighter-type adapter.
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The airplane power adaptor thing is true also for Amtrak's outlets. I once took a train ride from NYC to D.C. and they had the voltage set too high and my little Powerbook adaptor couldn't handle it. Luckily, the Apple Store replaced it free of charge.
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Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm buying my tickets now - unfortunately can only travel economy class and it will United Airlines. I downloaded the flight schedule and found out it indeed will be a 747 and no power plugs in that class.
So, djgh - can you please tell us more about the "recharge pack"? where can I find it?
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I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but here's what I know. Some companies (tend not to be official Sony or whatever, tend to be third party) make recharge packs for devices that have rechargeable batteries. They're basically a power brick that you plug into the power socket of your device (I've seen them for stuff like cell phones). Your best bet would probably be to Google "Your DVD player brand DVD recharge pack" or similar. I'm not sure what your odds of finding one are for your device, and if these long journeys are going to happen a lot, it's probably more cost efficient to buy a second battery for the DVD player.

Best of luck, and I hope the flight goes well!
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