What is to see/do in Boston after sunset?
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What is to see/do in Boston after sunset?

I am traveling to Boston, MA this week. Since I will be busy during the day I will not have too much time to see the city during the regular 9 to 5 hours. I know some of the museums are open during certain evenings, but what else? Bonus points for Boston specific 'things' (i.e. not movies).

I am aware of the other Boston related questions.
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Best answer: Well, the bridge is more impressive at night. Ditto the North End.

Any other week, you could catch free concerts at Berklee; but school's out. That leaves Wally's, which is as Boston-specific as you get.

If you've got a date, there are always carriage rides. Catch them around Quincy Market.
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Go to Wally's to hear some jazz. The crowd is diverse and chill, the beer is cheap, and there's no cover.

I haven't been in a while, but there used to be an awesome Cuban jazz group that played on Thursdays -- their drummer could blow you away.

On preview: Yeah. Ditto cribcage.
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The Central Library in Copley square is open until 9 pm weeknights. They have a great cafe with wireless -- you may need a card, but I think you can get a temporary id -- and it's a beautiful historic building to take a look at and pretty central to many other Boston attractions and places to eat. You may already know about this, but I find the Boston Craigslist community pretty active and they have an events listing that is sometimes fun to keep an eye on. This Flickr photoset has some neat images of what parts of the city look like at night to also give you some ideas.
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If you're into sports, the Celtics and Bruins are pretty unique, and both have home games this week.

There's tons of music -- check the Phoenix for more alternative stuff, the Globe for mainstream.

Boston also has a great restaurant per capita ratio, personally I like The Phantom's reviews.

Have Fun!
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Best answer: Sure, there's Wally's... but did you know that the Boston Conservatory also features free musical performances throughout the year? Located just a stone's throw from Wallys, to boot.

Oh, and even though it's kitchy, you should probably go up to the bar at the top of the Prudential center ("Top of the Hub") for a pretty nice view. They often have live jazz there as well. And the drinks aren't crazy-priced like you might expect. Just be sure you don't go to the restaurant a floor below.

Finally, Bob's Southern Bistro also has free jazz (and real Southern food). It's just a couple blocks from Wally's as well.
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Best answer: Big seconds on the old wings of the Central Library and on the North End at night. If you visit the Library, make sure to go in the old ends of the building - they have beautiful murals there and paintings from some well-known artists, and usually have exhibits of rare books, photographs, and artifacts. The North End has at least one 24 hour bakery, called Bova's, at 134 Salem Street. I highly recommend their calzones. The pastries are tasty but there are better.

You know the Museum of Fine Arts is open until 9:45 Wednesday through Friday? Wednesday is the best day to go late, since almost all of the museum is still open.

If you've never been there before, the Harvard Square and Yard area can be fun at night. Still bustling, well-lit, good food options, and the Yard itself is very attractive. It'll still be pretty quiet this week.

Also, what about early morning activities? If you are here on Friday or Saturday, Haymarket is an open air fruit, meat, and fish market that is nicely on the way to the North End or other central areas. It opens at around 6am! Early morning is also a great time for a walk or jog along the Esplanade - nice loops can be done between Longfellow, Mass Ave, or the BU bridges.
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People's Republik at Central Square in Cambridge is a great dive bar, if you want to check out crazy locals.
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You could try ice skating at the Frog Pond in the Common - you can rent skates at the pond.
If this is your first visit to Boston, I'd suggest a walk down Newbusy Street - you can always duck into whichever restaurant strikes your fancy for dinner or dessert.
If you're in the Harvard Sq area, Harvard has a bunch of museums which are good value and have interesting exhibits. Pick one which interests you.
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darsh meant Newbury Street. It's one block north of the Central Library, running parallel.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I learned a lot from your comments. I do not want to upset Matt or Jessamyn by marking all answers as best; I will limit myself to some suggestions near my three focal points: Harvard Yard, Prudential Center and the Central Library.
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MzB - If you do get to Harvard Square, you must stop in at Burdick's and get a hot chocolate. They're open 'til 11 most nights.
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