Can you recommend a moving company to take me from NJ to Durham, NC?
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My husband and I are moving from northeast NJ to Durham next month. We are moving from a house to a house. Did you make a similar move, and if so would you recommend your moving company?

This will be our first time moving a whole house, and we're trying to figure out what moving companies to call for estimates. Of course when I look at reviews online, I see all sorts of horror stories. We are less concerned about getting the lowest price than we are about ending up with a bunch of damaged or lost things or getting scammed some other way. We have a small 1-story house, so not a ton of stuff, but it is probably more stuff than the average NYC apartment move.

If you've made a move like this, aside from moving company recommendations, any other details about your move, like the amount of time it took for your stuff to arrive, would be appreciated.
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I moved from Chapel Hill, NC to Central NJ a year ago and I used Whalen's Moving & Storage, a women-owned moving company. They were pretty professional, although I did have some trouble with scheduling it at a time that worked well for me (see below). Arranging the dates early would have helped, but I had other constraints that made that difficult.

I think it took about five days to arrive, but honestly - I defended my dissertation in NC on the same day that the movers arrived in NJ (I was lucky enough to have people able to wait for my stuff in NJ) - so it may have been a little shorter or longer. It wasn't more than a week, though.

Nothing got lost, nothing was broken - they packed it up themselves - and it worked out pretty well.
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I moved from Newark to Tennessee in 2012. Since I have cats, I needed to drive anyway. I (*ahem* my dad, actually) rented a u-Haul and I hired a few guys in Newark to load the truck. I hired a few more folks in Tennessee to unload the truck. It was a relatively cheap move - the truck was the most expensive part and I had control over all my stuff the whole time. Nothing got broken, though, due to space issues, I did lose a few things... namely the cats' favorite toys. Bad planning on my part as far as truck size.

I had a two bedroom, fourth floor walk-up in Newark and moved to the same size apartment in TN. The whole move took two days for the driving part; the moving guys in TN came on the third day. It was one of the easiest moves I've ever done.
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Back when I last moved (late 2011), I used the company Shea Moving, based out of NYC (Queens, I think). They were really great, but I'm not sure they'll do quite so long distance (they moved us up to SW Vermont and I had the sense that was a little far for them). It can't hurt to call them, though. I really can't say enough nice things about them. They weren't the absolute cheapest quote we got, but they were really reasonable.

Just generally, I would read the boards at Movingscam and see what they have to say. The site usually used to be totally independent. These days, I think they do take some ad money from some of the companies, but I think it's still mostly good advice.
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I ended up using Optimum Moving out of Elmwood Park, NJ. They did a great job - we didn't lose a thing. We packed just about everything ourselves, and they took care of everything else.

Betelgeuse, I've also used Shea Moving for moves in and around NYC. I really liked them, but I too got the impression our move would've been a bit much for them this time, both in terms of the amount of stuff we had and the distance. I would highly recommend them for local moves, though.
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