Best Bluetooth Headset with No Features?
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I'm looking for a comfortable, loud, good-sounding bluetooth dingus with no features to use with my iPhone. Something that doesn't talk to me, doesn't play my music, doesn't have firmware updates. I want dead simple like a can opener.

So my problem is I've been totally spoiled by my lovely Motorola H720 for a no-bullshit headset. Here is why it is so good:
- It doesn't try to play my music. With other headsets, if I turn them on while I'm playing a podcast suddenly they think I want to stream the podcast to the earbud. I never want that. I only ever want to use it to make calls.
- It doesn't have a cute little voice constantly in my ear telling me how much battery life I have or what feature I'm accidentally invoking or whatever. It doesn't have firmware updates or downloadable voice packs.
- Most importantly, when I click the giant button on the side of the thing it opens Siri on my phone immediately. It doesn't require me to hold down a button until a robot lady says in my ear "NOW ACTIVATING PHONE VOICE CONTROL FEATURE" then takes three seconds to hand off to Siri who then has to also introduce herself too and goddamnit this is taking forever.

So why don't I just use the H720 then? Problem is it hurts my ear like hell no matter how I position it, plus the over-ear hook is ungainly and weird to put on one-handed while I'm driving. It's also never loud enough for my half-deaf ears, and super distorted at maximum volume. So I need something louder and more comfy.

On enthusiastic recommendations I've tried the Plantronics Explorer 500 and Jawbone ERA but both were too clever by half with their voice features etc. Again, I want to click one giant button (not hold it down for 5 seconds) and instantly have Siri spring to life on the phone, that's really my main thing. However, I really liked the fit / feel on both (especially the Plantronics, felt great) and volume / sound quality were fine.

Am I stuck? Do all "great" earpieces have feature bloat? Happy to spend loosely $25-75 if it means getting the right one. Thanks!
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Best answer: I have an old Motorola H680 which I don't use much (because I'm not using any headset), but if memory serves, it didn't have too many features and didn't cause my iPhone to try to play music every time I turned it on. Looks like it's a bit hard to find for purchase these days, but I mention it in case searching for it leads to other, similarly-minimalist headsets.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I took your guidance and tried a slightly newer version of the one I liked (picked up a cheap Motorola Boom HX600, for whatever it's worth) and it's both louder and more comfortable. Does have a "helpful" voice prompt, but thankfully it and related features can be disabled. So far so good!
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