NYC Foodies: Dinner recommendations for solo traveler near 29/ Broadway
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I've got a quick business trip to New York planned for next week, and I'm looking for somewhere for dinner Sunday and Monday night. NYC Foodies, what's good near 29th and Broadway?

Will I need a reservation? Nothing crazy expensive, please, but I don't make it to New York very often, so something new and/ or delicious would be great. And 29th and Broadway is just where I'm staying-- happy to hop on the subway if you've got a recommendation a little further afield. Thanks!
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Without more information on what you're looking for, this is too broad an ask considering that you're willing and able to jump on the train.

In the general area of 29th and Broadway, there is NoMad, The Breslin, Hill Country BBQ, Eleven Madison Park, Maialino and Craft.
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I'd go hang out in the Breslin and around the Ace Hotel. Like many others, I'm a fan of their Lamb burger.
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One of my favorite spots in the city is Agra on Lexington. Just hop on the F train on Broadway/6th ave and 34th and get off at Lexington Av/63 St.
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The Cannibal is fun (and moderately-priced) if you are a meats kind of person.

The world may have caught up with it more than a bit, but I still feel you can't go wrong going to Momofuku Ssam and getting around a bowl of their spicy rice cakes. The subway connection is awkward but it's not that far--easy to take a cab.

The John Dory, on the other hand, is right there.

I sincerely hope, for the pleasantness of your trip, you are not having to deal with the company I used to have to deal with around there!
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Yes, I also love the Momofuku Ssam Bar, and those spicy noodle cakes. And it's really only a 20 minute walk if the weather is nice and you're into a walk.
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Thanks for the answers so far, all. A bit more about what I'm looking for: I live in San Francisco, and my favorite restaurants of of the comfortable, tasty variety: think Frances, Zuni Cafe, Firefly. So warm, excellent ingredients, nothing too fancy or too scene-y. Hope that helps, and please keep 'em coming.
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I wouldn't say it's foodie-foodie, but I just had an excellent meal at a French place called Petit Poulet on 33rd and Broadway.
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In that part of town for foodie American fare: Keen's, Gramercy Tavern, or (right by your hotel) the John Dory. All of these have bars, so will be fine for solo diners.

If you like Indian food, then you're not far from Murray (aka Curry) Hill. It's not quite "can't go wrong" Indian food, but a randomly chosen restaurant there likely beats what's on offer in the Bay Area.
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I'll put in a rec for Mari Vanna on 20th between Broadway and Park Ave South. The decor is kitschy but the food is high end Russian comfort food. My Russian sister-in-law is beside herself with happiness here. Maybe it's the food, maybe it's the vodka shots they keep offering us.
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Pondicheri just opened near there and it's very tasty! I liked the cookies, the pastries, and the mango jaggery juice. Haven't been for dinner yet but it sounds good and the space is pretty casual.

L'Amico is good for pizza and drinks--a little fancy but not unbearably expensive and the service is very friendly. Same goes for Marta, which is a little over-trendy, though.
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"Burger and lobster" is also in that area and is a great bar which serves ... drumroll ... burger and lobster. It is very good and should work well. Gramercy tavern is quite good as well.

Someone mentioned Mari Vanna and in I did not like it and I am of that background. A friend I was with who is a foodie but not of that culture liked it even less.
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Illili is a great modern/fancy Lebanese restaurant at 27th and 5th. If you want to sit outside and enjoy a more casual version of their food, they have a little pop-up restaurant/bar in the median at 23th Street, between Eataly (which is also an option for dinner in that area) and Madison Square Park. It's surprisingly pleasant for being situated in a traffic island between three busy streets.
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Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone!
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more grist for your mill

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all of these will likely need reservations (if they take them). good news: sun/mon pm for a solo diner shouldn't be that hard...especially if you want to eat at a the bar of some of the higher end places
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