Looking for an online essay about Sylvia Plath
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Ok, this is a long shot, but here it goes. In the last few years I *think* I read an essay online somewhere about Sylvia Plath and how she and her work are now seen as uncool or unfashionable. I believe it was entirely about Sylvia Plath, not just a mention of her in a larger essay. Now I can't find it anywhere. Help?

I could have sworn I read it on the Toast or the Hairpin, but searching through the archives doesn't seem to lead me to what I'm half-remembering. In my memory it was fairly long, not just a few paragraphs. It was written by a woman.

There's a part in Leslie Jamison's "Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain" that is similar enough to what I'm thinking of that I worry that my brain has just confused that clip with an entire essay. But! I really believe this whole essay exists somewhere! However, googling "Sylvia Plath uncool" is unsurprisingly not giving me great results. Maybe one of you fine folks remembers this essay? It's driving me crazy.
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Could it be this? http://www.rookiemag.com/2013/07/performing-plath/
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Its content is similar but sadly, I don't think that's it.
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And you didn't somehow conflate that Sady Doyle piece on Plath linked by (O)T with her other piece on how uncool that other icon of my tortured adolescence, Tori Amos, is?
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