Therapist recommendation for London (United Kingdom)?
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I've recently decided I need a little help and would like some suggestions please.


I've finally decided that it's best to see someone as I am not coping very well. One of the primary issues is dealing with physical ugliness (not body dysmorphia but as in people calling me ugly on a regular basis). I'm female. A Feminist therapist would be useful but anyone who would have an understanding of what I am going through would be appreciated.

Other issues:
- daddy issues (abandonment)
- OCD/consuming thoughts
- obsessive need for male validation in public
- depersonalisation
- loss of interest in doing anything
- shame

I would rather a private therapist and not someone I'd have to see via my GP.

Throwaway email:

Thanks :)
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The best site to visit is the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). The It's Good to Talk section will help you find a therapist in your area who meets professional standards. Their profiles will list their specialisms, but it's also worthwhile emailing a few to say what in particular you'd like to work on and get an idea of their approach to that. Don't be afraid to have a few individual sessions with different therapists until you find one you click with - the relationship is hugely important in therapy so don't settle for someone you're not totally comfortable with. Good luck.
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