Political cartoons. How do they work?
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I would like to submit some for publication, with or without compensation.

I have a background in other forms of visual art, but have been so inspired by the current US election cycle that I've sketched, re-sketched and inked a number of cartoons. I would like to try to have them published either in print or online (beyond my tweeting them). But I know nothing about the market at all. Where do brand new political cartoonists turn to submit their work for publication? Does anyone pay money for newcomers' work? Is it like querying a manuscript or pitching an article? And are there forums somewhere that offer current advice as to agents and the like (assuming people have agents)?

The tone tends fairly dark; they would not work in The New Yorker even if I had the level of skill needed to submit them there. Language is clean but the imagery occasionally is violent (not towards the subject, but in order to display the subject's violent actions). Left-leaning and would in many cases probably be offensive to the right but mostly to the alt-right.

Any help is appreciated. politicartoonist @ the gmail if you want to remain anon.
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The best, most relevant place to pitch cartoons related to politics these days is The Nib. They don't have pitching information linked directly on their site atm, but you can find the info for the call for submissions they did a little while back here. Definitely worth querying politely to see if they're still accepting submissions!
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Are there any local alternative papers in your area? I have a friend who, much like you, wanted to try his hand at political cartooning, and he contacted a small local neighborhood paper. They said "Yes" and the rest is history.
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