Montreal in May: recommendations?
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What do you recommend in Montreal in early May?

Day trips/nearby places to visit/arts/music/bars/architecture/history/guided tours of sewers ... really, I don't mind as long as it's interesting.
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On a Sunday afternoon, go to Park Mont Royal for (early) tamtams.
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The Botanical Gardens are fantastic and quite gorgeous. The Insectarium is creepy and if you don't mind the occasional attack of the heebie jeebies, very interesting. The Biodome was kind of boring IMNSHO, but if you've got little ones with you they might like it.

You can rent bikes in the old part of the city along the water and ride them over to the island where the large geodesic dome is and get some great scenery along the way.
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You' re joking, right, Sean?
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do you not like doin' that, jon? it's like an anthropological excursion!
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Yeah, it's not my bag, a bunch of hippies doing what they do best: being selfish.
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-The modern art museums downtown are nice
-Mont Royal the mountain is a good walk, and a good view when you get to the top
-The tamtams are to be avoided at all costs
-Old Montreal is a favorite for some reason
-Drinking and eating can be done on St-Laurent. A good walk around the plateau in general will be good for your skin. This is the neighborhood to the north of Sherbrooke, to the south of, say, Fairmount, to the east of Parc and to the west of some street that everyone fights over. Main streets include St-Luarent, St-Denis, Mont Royal and Laurier.
-Bring your own wine restaurants on Duluth and on Prince Arthur.
-The oratory is good for tourist, it's behind the mountain. The huge graveyards up there are good for thinking, as well.
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Yesterday, glory box. Today, tamtam. For the unenlightened (me among them), that's French for tom-tom. So I guess jon and Marquis are referring to outdoor drummers?
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Check out Schwartz's [mild flash] - Montreal smoked meat to die for. (Yes, there's usually a line-up outside and expect to share tables with strangers.)
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Tam-tams is indeed the event where hundreds of hippies get together at Parc Mont Royal and bang on drums for an afternoon, also dancing, selling hippie merchandise, etc. The appeal (for me) is in the concentric circles of other social groups, around the main thing - couples picnicing, kids frisbeeing, punks pouting, musicians playing, jugglers juggling, and then toward the back, Quebecois youths jousting with big foam-and-duct-tape-covered weapons, in chainmail.
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Early May is, well, early - too early for festivals, and although there will be some leaves there won't be flowers anywhere yet. At least you'll be too late for snow - probably. You can wander around and watch Montrealers determinedly trying to eat and drink outdoors in overcoats, at least.
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