Androgenize me!
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I need to look a bit androgynous for a role. Challenge: I have long hair. Can it be done? Guide me, hive mind. Googling has had mixed results and I'm wondering if there's a solution other than "low ponytail and heavy brows".
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Have you seen this tutorial by Lisa Eldridge?
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Instead of heavy brows aim for a kind of straight brow with less tapered angles. Do some contouring to emphasize your jaw, nose, and perhaps your forehead, and use matching foundation to make the edges of your lips a bit thinner and perhaps a little matte.

Depending on the role and your general look you could try something like a "man-bun" (it's just a bun! argh!). If you have bangs or some shorter layers, use product of some kind to smooth them back into the rest of your hair - bangs read super feminine.
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Wearing your hair down is absolutely an option! If you're really good with hair or have a friend who is really good, you may be able to fashion a long bob by pinning up some of the length or replicate Kate McKinnon's 'do in Ghostbusters, which approximates the brush up hair style that is quite popular among men these days. I expect the Jillian Holtzmann would require a bit of curling, teasing, and a French twist at the back.
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Also going to throw in this light K-pop idol makeup tutorial to go with the Lisa Eldridge one above. The principles are very similar--defined brows, contouring, neutral lip--only the Korean version includes eyeliner.
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Is a wig not an option?
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Janelle Monae looks quite dapper with her hair in a French braid -- she pulls the sides tight and high.
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you all are SAVING MY LIFE. thank you.
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This is probably overkill, but I'm a female person with shoulder length hair, and I recently played a teenage boy in a show. It was a period piece, so hats were appropriate. I ended up getting an undercut, so that from behind it looked like short hair, and then trimming my side burns just a touch, and finally pin-curling all my hair with the exception of two pieces which I pinned up and over in such a way that they gave me short bangs, and then I stuck a cap over the whole thing. The final result was very effective, more realistic than a wig, and with my regular hair down, you couldn't see the under cut at all (though you could with ponytails, obviously.)
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