Missed the bus to New Hampshire tonight! Oh no!
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My friend and I were supposed to catch a bus tonight from Boston to Lincoln, NH (White Mountains area). Unfortunately, we're going to miss the bus! What can we do?

This seems to be the last bus tonight. We had hoped to start hiking early tomorrow, so going up tomorrow morning is non-ideal. Private cars and taxis seem like they would cost $$$$. We can't drive ourselves.

What are our options, if anything?

We would be happy to ride share (and pay for it!), but we don't know how to find leads on a ride.
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There is a C and J Bus from South Station to Portsmouth, NH. From there, you'd still need a link to the Whites, but you'd be closer. Maybe rent a car from there or use the time on the ride to locate a ride share?
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You can get to White River Junction from Boston nearly all night long on Greyhound (and a little less frequently on Dartmouth Coach). Do you guys have a place you're planning to stay up there or were you camping tonight? Craiglist rideshare is a little spammy but you might be able to find someone legit or post your own. Also consider MeFi Jobs, this is the sort of thing Jim would do if he were free (which he isn't, alas)
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You can get a train from North Station to Durham, NH (Home of the University of New Hampshire) on the Downeaster. There are probably plenty of rideshares from there.

To get to Niorth Station from South Station, take the MBTA red line inbound, get off at Park, get on the Green Line towards North Station and get off there.

The Downeaster also continues onward to Portland, Maine should you want to re-route your trip.

If you go the Bus route, C&J also goes to Concord, which has you right on I-93N, which is just about an hour drive straight shot to Franconia. They may have local connectors. Silver Fox is also a local bus line that has local routes.
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