It's hip to be a (deep) square
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I love plunging square necklines on dresses and tops. Help me find more?

I love this damn neckline so much, but I'm finding it hard to search for. Do you have better search terms than "plunging deep square neckline"? Or do you have links to some rad dresses and tops with this neckline? So appreciated.

I don't particularly want jumpsuits; it seems like a popular jumpsuit neckline, for some reason, and I am a long-torsoed woman. Bodysuits are OK, but just regular tops and dresses are preferred.

Also, the lace insert in the last link I gave is fine, but I prefer no insert where possible.
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Also, I'm 27 and my aesthetic has been kind of "slutty sci-fi hipster" this summer (I aspire to be classier than Urban Outfitters, but not too different taste-wise), looking for summer looks but things to take me into fall as well.
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try searching for "deep square neck"
I found some that you might like, but it might be helpful if you added your price range. Based on the dresses you posted I assume on the $100 range, but there are also great very pricey ones too.
Stella dress
Cheap modern-ish dress
Deep square wrap dress
Jersey maxi
Cute mini dress
On the sluttier end
navy classy
gray with slits
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I would prefer cheap-- tops less than $40, dresses less than $60-- but if a dress or top is really strikingly beautiful, the $100 range is cool too.
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This ladder plunge in lilac is cute. Same with this from Hollie.
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Honestly, just search for "plunge neck" or "deep neck" and browse from there. Hell, if you're already in the women's section on a website I'd just search "plunge" or "deep" also. I often find that when I can't seem to get what I want in search results I just broaden the term I'm looking for.

Lulus bodycon dress in 4 colors.
Lulus print maxi.
Lulus print maxi 2

6pm Dress

Amazon Mini Dress - Body Con - Body Suit - Boho Dress
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