Recruited to push a boulder uphill?
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I've been contacted by one of the directors of what looks like a reputable, real VC firm. They're acquiring a company in my industry for a PE/VC-backed turnaround and looking to replace the leadership with new executives. What should I know about this kind of recruitment?

I am a senior level leader in a flat organization but no turnaround / change management experience, no experience at a company that's private equity or venture funded, and am totally clueless here.

Are these kinds of roles fishy? A fool's errand? Certain doom?
A great challenge for a specific kind of person?
What do I need to know?
What do I need to ask?
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This kind of thing is something you need to talk to someone - and more than one person - in person. direct message me if you want to grab a coffee.
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It's a great challenge for a specific kind of person, who is well aware of exactly what the VC/PE investors want, and are willing to deliver on it. And I completely agree with rr - you want to have a chat with people who have done this before. It's perfect for some people, and not a great experience for many others.
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This will vary so much based on circumstances, but you should be aware, up front, that the investor's highest priority will ordinarily not be company "turnaround." The highest priority is extracting maximum wealth for the fund and for the management company. Those two aims are not the same and often conflict.
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