Please help identify this flea sized bug invading my house.
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I've been finding these little critters in my new construction house for a couple weeks. They're in every room but most sightings are near front and back doors. My last straw was when one strolled across my partially eaten dinner plate. Yuck!! Calling exterminator in the morning but curious about what I'm dealing with here. Link to reddituploads
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This looks like a match -
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Wow!! This has to be a speed record setting resolved question. Thank you CollectiveMind!!! Your answer has put me at ease knowing that it should resolve itself.
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We have these little arseholes too - I'd be grateful to hear what your exterminator says.
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Oh...I got these guys once too...kept finding them in the pantry. Then one day I said "hm, why don't I make tempura again?" And, horror of horrors, found the half full box of tempura batter mix was now just a big box of tiny beetles >:P Finding the source will knock out 95% of them...keep your grains and flours and such in ziplock and they will all be gone in a month. (Pesticides+pantry=kinda a bad idea (except maybe the bait trap variety))

Another possibility (esp. if not just confined to the kitchen and you have carpeting) is carpet beetle... there's more variation in them, according to google image, but the ones I've seen are all almost identical, maybe a little smaller and darker.
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Thanks sexyrobot for the suggestion to rule out carpet beetles. After looking at images and doing some research, I'm fairly confident that I'm dealing with foreign grain beetles. Foreign grain beetles are aka "New House Bugs" because they are a frequent pest of newly constructed homes. Because my house is brand new construction and the images are a perfect match, I'm fairly certain foreign grain beetles are what I have.

My understanding is that they are attracted to the mold that forms when new construction wood framing gets wet during the build. As the the wood dries out over a year, more or less, the beetles run out of food and stop breeding at the site. I'm led to believe that an exterminator is not necessary as it's difficult to get to the source behind walls and that the problem will resolve itself in time. They apparently only eat mold and won't invade pantry items unless they're moldy. The bugs are harmless little mold eating factories. I will, however, be storing my food in air tight containers to prevent the type of horror that you've described.
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