Need Linen Beach Clothes for Wedding in LA, by Saturday
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I've been asked to officiate a beach wedding very last minute, Saturday. I need something like this: I know it's a stretch, but I'm sure someone has bought this before. Amazon will not arrive in time. Thanks for your help!
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The H&M in my area had lots of linen jackets in stock as of about a month ago; might be worth checking there.
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If Amazon will not arrive in time, you can go off the rack - Macy's, Nordstorm's, and Men's Wearhouse should have suits in that material.
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Nordstrom's is having a sale on linen suits right now. I just picked up a jacket at a pretty good discount.
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You can find this kind of thing at a lot of men's stores right now. Go to a bigger Westfield mall and you'll find what you need between Macy's, Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap, etc.
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Yep, all the major men's stores, department stores, have this in stock. Easy peasy.
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Tasso Elba is Macy's house brand for this.
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Uniqlo also had some decent looking linen shirts last time I was I there.
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Tommy Bahama is sort of the gold standard for this look. There's a brick and mortar store in Manhattan Beach, probably a few others about town.
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