Help me find this bowl!
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We broke a cereal bowl in our vacation rental and I would like to replace it if possible. I can't find anything online! It's by "migo" and says hand painted durawear. It's cream colored and has blue and yellow lines painted around the rim. We are in Ireland but will take anything you can find!
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Maybe a picture would help?
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Search the local shops, in person, not online. I fully expect that to be where it was bought.
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Here's the manufacturer's site, with contact info.
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Yes, what Iris Gambol said. Perhaps it's this one in the lower left corner? It doesn't look to promising that you would get a replacement. I think a simple apology note and an offer to pay for a replacement is sufficient. Bowls break! It's nice of you to attempt to remedy the situation, though.
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You guys are amazing! My google foo had seriously failed me and I wanted to at least show that I made an attempt to replace! Thank you thank you thank you!
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PS- yes, it was the one in the left corner. I wanted to post a snap of the bowl but our service with data roaming is very... uh.... not good!
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