Super Convenient Heathrow Terminal 2 Hotel Recs
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I'm booking business travel for someone who needs a hotel at Heathrow that is very, very easy to reach from Terminal 2. I've been there before and know it's a huge area with many hotels that can be reached via a variety of buses. I'm a seasoned traveler myself and with a tired brain had a hard time finding the hotel I used the last time I was there.

I can't stress enough how easy I need to make it for this person to get to his hotel. Do you have any specific recommendations?
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If all else fails, go look on Flyertalk under the airline that he's using (or another big airline that uses the same terminal)--there is almost always discussion of this topic in the relevant forum, for obvious reasons.
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There is a teeny little pod hotel in Terminal 4 of Heathrow. I stayed there once when I had an overnight layover and none of the lounges were open. I thought it was pleasant enough, but if this is business travel, I imagine they might want more spacious accommodation.
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I can vouch for the Sofitel. It will take a bit of walking/shuttling to get there from Terminal 2 (the trip to #3 took about half an hour, all told).
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The Hotel Hoppa buses leave from the bus rank outside T2 and drop off at many hotels. Service is about 1/2 hourly I think. What's your budget? For instance, the Premier Inn on Bath Road is reasonable-ish priced. There's a Tesco Express and kebab shops about 10 minutes walk down the road from there if you are feeling adventurous. But many other choices on the Hoppa routes.
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Another vote for the Sofitel. I did this in reverse last time I flew through LHR--stayed in the Sofitel in T5, left on Lufthansa from T2. It's pricey, if that is a factor. From T2 I thiink T5 would actually be easier than T4 to get to but if the bus and train options are too difficult he/she can always just take a cab. The train transfer is probably quickest and certainly cheapest but involves a good long walk at the T2 end.
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If budget's not an issue, by far the easiest hotel to reach from Terminal 2 is the Hilton London Paddington. I'm not sure if that's in the scope of the question, but the Heathrow Express runs every 15 minutes and takes 15 minutes and you can walk straight in from Paddington, and the walk from Terminal 2 to the Heathrow Express platform is not far either, although slightly longer than the walk to the kerbside for a taxi.
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