Dermatologist in NYC?
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I am looking for a Dermatologist in NYC. Male w/ scalp issues.
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I really like my derm, Rhonda Pomerantz.
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(My husband likes her too, incidentally.)
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When I was looking for a dermatologist, a friend suggested Lotika Singh, and I had a good experience with her.
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Last week I saw Spring Street Dermatology and they were wonderful. Great customer service, were able to see me within two days of my panicked phone call, nice clean, bright waiting room....

Most importantly, they were kind and comforting and immediately made me feel better about my scary situation (which turned out to be a false alarm, hooray!) But yeah, I was very happy with them. Address: 73 Spring St #303, New York, NY 10012 Phone: (212) 431-4749
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I liked Bobby Buka's office (Sullivan Street), but then my insurance changed and he wasn't in network.

Really, this is something you could just hit zocdoc to research. Plug in your radius and read all the reviews there.
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I agree that zocdoc is a good resource. Also make sure that the doctor is in-network on your insurance.

I found Rebecca Kleinerman on zocdoc a while back, and she's great.
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