Dinner options in East Boston?
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Looking for dining recommendations near Orient Heights

Because my life is an oyster rich with pearl, my wife and I are staying in a hotel this week while they rip all the asbestos out of the walls of our house. We're staying in East Boston, in a hotel near the Orient Heights stop. I have spent precisely zero time in this part of town, and would like to find a highlight reel of restaurants at which to eat dinner. No food restrictions, we eat damn near anything, preferably no white linens and caviar, would prefer walkable to the hotel but am willing to drive/Blue Line if it's at the far end of the peninsula or across the border into Revere or Chelsea. If you know a neighborhood gem (that is not Santarpio's--Pizzeria Regina 4 lyfe, yo), lay it on me.
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KO Pies!
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Angela's Cafe
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Belle Isle Seafood has a nice deck with views towards the airport.
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I hear amazing things about Rino's.

PS: I could agree with you about Regina, but then we'd both be wrong...
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