What is the name of this sleeping puppet show?
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On a recent trip to Mexico (like, last month), I was watching TV in my hotel room at night (maybe around 10 pm or later) and found a show that seemed to literally just be a puppet sleeping for about three or more hours. I cannot find anything that makes me feel like I'm not crazy for having seen this.

Some details:

I think it was on a children's network.
It was a static shot that went on for multiple hours while the puppet slept.
The puppet looked more or less like a muppet (I want to say he was green with a blue nose) and, I think, he was wearing a sleep cap.
He was laying in a bed and snoring while the camera was at the foot of the bed and you could see his whole room.
No idea if it was specifically made for Mexican television or was imported because the puppet was asleep, so there was no dialogue.

I haven't been able to find anything just googling, but that might be on account of the language barrier.
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Was it a local equivalent of a test pattern? Sounds awesome.
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Apparently canal once in Mexico has a loop of puppets sleeping when programming ends (between midnight and 6am).
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Best answer: I was going to say this sounds like Once NiƱos.

In the US, Sprout runs something similar once in a while, and definitely on Christmas Eve. We DVR'ed about an hour of the sleeping puppets because it really worked on our then-toddler. It also worked on mom and dad!
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Best answer: Video. Here's another version.
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Response by poster: Yep! It was the Once Ninos - Staff Durmiendo!

This makes it feel more soothing and less like some kind of terrifying shared hallucination.

Thank you!
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we have that in Denmark as well so that parents can show their kids that their TV-friends have also gone to sleep.


sometimes puppets, sometimes the human hosts, but all ZZZzzzz..... *good night*
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