Where can I find amazing animals on the web?
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I'm looking for regular web-based sources of amazing animal photos, stories, and videos. I'm interested in content that shows silly animals, incredibly athletic animals, or (particularly) extraordinary animal intelligence. I'd also like to find material that shows cool interspecies relationships, whether that's cats who love dogs, rhinos who live with turkeys, or people who have unusual pets. I'm even interested in things like dog-training videos! Can you point me to forums, subreddits, YouTube channels, or other corners of the web that regularly publish stuff about amazing animals?
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WTF, Evolution??
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Have you seen Jumpy the dog? There are several youtube videos.
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If you're interested in amazing looking animals, @Strange_Animals on Twitter has great photos.
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BBC earth
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The Animals category on Listverse has this kind of stuff. So does the Wildlife category on the Smithsonian magazine site.
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