I can't wait to look like a Scandinavian Druid Goddess!
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Has anyone here from the USA ordered a garment from Gudrun Sjõdén? How long did your item take to arrive?

I see their website mentions VAT taxes and customs...that made me wonder if it takes as long as Eshakti stuff.
I ordered the Soho dress/tunic to better smack down any Visigoths who might get in my way.
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I ordered some stripey tees a few years ago - I remember being surprised at how quickly they arrived - it was within 2 weeks. Maybe I'm just lucky or have low expectations because I was surprised at how quickly my eShakti stuff arrived, too.
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They have a store in New York -- I think they ship to US addresses from there, rather than importing each order, based on the lack of paperwork on the package. It's fast.
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I have ordered from them recently. The items arrived in about 3 days from Sweden--all customs duties included & no paperwork to claim VAT. I love the items I ordered; I love even more looking at the beautiful catalog. They have recently lowered their minimum order, too, which is nice.
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