where to put my keys while I run?
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I want something to hold my keys in (about 5 of them) while I go running. Preferably something I could put on my wrist or arm with a little zippered pouch. Does this exist? Or, any other creative solutions besides tying my keys to my shoelaces?

I've been trying to look but haven't come up with much with my google terms. It could possibly hold a 20 gig ipod as well, but I don't want something that looks as unwieldy and dorky as this thing. I'm fine with holding the ipod in my hand...my main concern is something that holds my keys safely while also being easily accessible. I'm also open to making my own little wristband somehow if I can't find something...
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Check out froogle.

Do you have so many keys because you're in an apartment building? If so, another option I've used is to carry only the mailbox key and leave the rest of the keys in the mailbox.
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Speaking of the iPod... Maybe something like this...
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Response by poster: duck - yeah, stupid apartment keys! The mailbox thing is a good idea...but that's still 2 keys I would have to carry.

And that armband doesn't work for a 20 gig ipod. Most of the armband things I've seen are for nanos and minis.
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I bought another shoelace, made copies of the two keys I need to get back into the building, and threaded the shoelace through those keys to make a "key necklace" to wear.
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They make these for keys for runners. I tried one, it basically works, but then I ended up doing something like what duck suggested - just carry the one key I need to get to the rest of my keys, and tie that one key to my shoelaces. No extra paraphernalia needed.
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Certain brands of running shorts have zippered pockets in the rear of the shorts (below or behind the size/wash tag) that can reasonably accommodate a few keys, assuming they aren't on a ring or anything that would prevent them from lying flat. It might not be the most comfortable of solutions -- I usually just use the pouch to hold my subway pass and some emergency cash -- but it's a possibility.

Fanny packs are hideous, I agree. And, although they exist, I will attest to the inadvisability of using an armband to hold a 20GB iPod... I've permanently crashed the hard drives on five different iPods from running with them on an armband. There's no great solution there, as far as I've seen.
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I sometimes use a lanyard to hold that I need and either wear it around my neck or tie to my shorts or pants and keep the keys in my pocket. The shoelace idea from above would also work well.
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Walker Bags makes a very nice arm pouch (contrast wrist Pouch) that fits the larger iPods nicely. They also have a smaller key-sized version.
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Mailbox variation: lock your keys in the trunk of your car and just carry the trunk key.
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Response by poster: ooooooh gac... those Walker things are super cute. Thanks for all the ideas so far.
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Easiest thing to do is find a pair of athletic shorts with a sewn-in back pocket. Most don't, but I know from experience that you can find them if you look. This won't work well if you like your shorts loose, either. But it's what I do know when I have to bring keys for an outdoor run. When I lived in Boston Proper I wore my building and apartment keys on a lanyard around my neck.
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Go to your local hardware store - they have keychains that have rubber coil stretchy things on them (pic). Put your keys on, put the coil around your bulging biceps, and run. This is my solution for my lifting workout, and it works great.
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I tie my keyring into the pullstring on my running shorts, and then I tuck it in. This sounds like it would be uncomfortable but I don't notice it at all. Whereas putting anything at all loose on my feet drives me nuts.
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I'm a daily runner and I have always simply carried my keys in my hand. I feel like something's missing if I have nothing to carry. Sounds weird but it's not the worst of solutions. I too have a great pair of Nike shorts with a zippered back key pocket, but as someone said above I usually just carry emergency tp and cash in them on long runs.
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Use a safety pin, loop as many points as possible through the keychain (usually I only carry my car key & put the rest in the car) and attach it to the inside of your shorts band. I've been doing it ever since I started running, & every runner I know around here does that too.

jimmythefish: funny, someone on the track team at my hs had to run with sticks in her hands or she felt really weird. She'd even run in races with them (although she was middle distance, not long distance).
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I loop them in the drawstring of my shorts, like smackfu, or, when I'm wearing mesh shorts, thread the key ring through the mesh holes.
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If the back pocket thing doesn't work, many (women's) running shorts that I've had have had a little stretchy pocket on the inside on the front that would probably hold 5 keys.
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I only used to carry one or two keys, but I used to put them inside a folded handkerchief and then put that inside my sock. Only works if you use big athletic socks, rather than trainer liners of course.

The handkerchief stopped the keys moving, cushioned my leg from any chafing, and stopped the keys falling into my trainer.
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sounds odd but... i gave up and started running carrying my keys in my hand. it affects your balance a little at first, but you soon get to the point where you swap them from hand to hand every 10 min or so, and it feels quite natural. i put my thumb through the ring itself which means your hand can remain quite relaxed without fear of losing them.

the only real worry is the effect of sweat on whatever keyring you have...
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If you end up putting the key in your shoelaces, don't run with it loose. Tie it in the front and tuck the end that is swinging around into the loops near the bottom of your shoe. I've done this before, my current preference is the lanyard.
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I use devilsbrigade's safety pin method. It stops them from jingling because they're snug between your waistband and your waist. Sounds uncomfortable, but it's not. Might not work with all five keys, though -- maybe you should get a separate set of the two you need to get in the house just for running?
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I also put them in my hand. I slip my finger through the keyring and hold them in my palm where I shake them like castanets to keep a cadence. It also helps to alert people that you are coming up on them from behind so they don't get spooked or just move out of your way. Just clap them a little louder at those times.
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I usually just carry them in my hand, but a lot of times, I hide the key somewhere just so I feel like a secret agent jogger.
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Response by poster: Wow, I have a ton of ideas now.
-I think I'm going to try the safety pin method first. The handkerchief/sock thing sounds good too.
-I don't really want to buy a whole new wardrobe of running shorts with pockets, but I'll keep that in mind when I do buy some new ones.
-I have tons of lanyards lying around, but don't the keys jiggle around then?
-Simply holding them could work, but I worry about having no free hands since I'm usually holding an ipod too. Something to try, though.
-And, if none of these work...I'll get one of those cute Walker things.

Thanks all!
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